About the Practitioner


I am Susan Roback, soul proprietor of WindSpirit Holisitcs. 

For nearly 20 years now, I have been living, learning, and dancing in the world of the healer. I am a full mesa carrier in the Q’ero/Laika traditions, a breathworker, flower essence practitioner, and distance healer.    

Though I prefer bare feet, I am often found walking in shoes of teacher, student, light bringer, shadow wrangler, fire keeper, and wind dancer.  I love them all. 

My life school credits required me to walk the wisdom path of the wounded healer and wounded warrior to where I am today.

Having been called intuitive, loving, tough, healer, shaman, sister, and friend, I own these. Also called peaceful, wild womyn, trustworthy, sensitive, strong, crazy (not to be confused with nuts), playful, and courageous.   I embrace and own them all.

I see beauty in all who sit before me.  I demand integrity and impeccability in myself, my life, and my work. I also demand love, compassion, joy, and play!  I hold my own feet to the fire.  I own my missteps. 

I am happy to share the medicine I hold with all who hunger. Come dine at my sacred medicine Mesa.



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