Greetings and Welcome!

Within WindSpirit Holistics I have intuitively woven an energetic fabric of  power and grace, as unique as each human being. These threads of richness, ancient tradition, and nature's own wisdom and beauty are intertwined.  As custom treatment evolves, soon we begin to see the unfolding of a well worn and glorious tapestry.

The richness and impeccable integrity of this energy medicine will propel one into their truth and provide the rocket fuel for an amazing journey. Energy medicine creates and opens pathways to discovery where one will explore and embrace what they truly are. It clears the path of the “story” so it will no longer be at the helm of your existence and all the reasons for not being whom and where one wishes to be will melt away in the presence of the fire of the Soul. This work offers a journey of personal growth and development, stress management, spiritual enrichment and informs a “re-membering”, a putting the pieces back together in right order if you will, bringing about deep soulful life changes.

I invite you to leap out of your comfort zone and rediscover the pure joy of running with scissors! 

When you are called to do so, I look forward to being sacred witness and holding sacred space for you as you soar into your life and your future.

Many Blessings,



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