Services defined

Shamanic energy medicine brings to honoring our wounding converting them into our strongest “medicine.”

These ancient and well-worn practices assist us in unwinding imprints making room for a new encoding that is free of ancestral or personal karma/wounding. In this letting go one will find old patterns are no longer at the helm of one’s life school and there is no longer a repeat performance of having to work it out through the next job, or the next spouse, or the next city. These practices clear at the level of the luminous energy field so the imprint ceases informing and stops choreographing our physical reality, which includes our biological and psychological reality.

Integral Breath Therapy is an effective and power tool and energy therapy. The power of the altered or trance state facilitated by the breath moves energy and stirs the pot for us to skim what is no longer needed form the surface. This natural healing process brings one into the power of the present moment.

Flower Essence Therapy is a sort of energy medicine for the chakras. Every client will leave WindSpirt Holistics with the support of a flower essence between treatments. Flower essences are taken orally and they assist in holding the new patterns. I see these powerful essences as a chiropractic energy alignment brining us into alignment and giving strength to make the changes one desires. They support other therapies and health practices by stimulating greater awareness of our inner life, and building a vital bridge between the realms of body, soul, and spirit.

All the above services are available through face-to-face sessions in Utica NY and through Distance Healing. Distance work is even preferred by some who live close by as it allows one to work in the privacy of their home. My training with world renowned chiropractor and energy healer, Dr. Michael Shaffer are enhance the above skills and allow me a dependable vehicle for the journey.   This work is as effective, profoundly healing and nurturing.

Soul Coaching describes my methods of energy medicine as they address the the level of healing at the home of the Soul. In the literal sense, Soul Coaching methods offers supportive homework for all enegy medicne offered. 


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